Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylist
Gwen's look tonight was part Peggy Lipton, part rockstar. We layered a harness over a turtleneck bodysuit, adding edge to an otherwise vintage inspired look. We loved making this look feel even more Gwen by incorporating a graphic houndstooth and a harness as opposed to a dress for a more tough, tomboy flair.

Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Mary Phillps – Makeup Artist
Everything going on with the whole look, the outfit, the hair, the vibe in general - we wanted to of course go glam, but retro glam. One of the most glamorous and playful times with makeup was hands down the 60's. It's powerful, it's sweet, but it's also sexy and bold at the same time - definitely any makeup artist or makeup lover's "go-to" decade. The shapes used when creating that type of face, the contouring, the strong cheek bones, winged out liquid liner, lashes galore that have special emphasis on the outer corners (bringing that "cat eye" to life) a strategically lined lip, finished with a substantial amount of gloss, and a brow that has the perfect amount of arch - a little bit of drama to it, but still natural. We stayed true to the color palette from then, and added a few modernizations. Gwen is absolutely gorgeous and rocked this look!

Instagram: @1maryphillips

Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist
For tonight we chose a sleek and chic ponytail with a dip dyed flip in black.
Perfect for a turtleneck and a gown that has quite a lot to say.
Keep it cool, keep it chic, keep it snatched!

Instagram: @poseidianne



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