Get Gwen's Look: Voice Top 10 Show


Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylist
Tonight we decided to take Gwen in a more feminine direction by putting her in a chic and glamorous, yet edgy dress and pumps. The intricately detailed top of the dress coupled with its layered tulle made for a look that's equal parts gothic ballerina, punk rock, and femme fatale. Having worked with so many layered looks in the last few weeks, it was a nice change-up to have Gwen wear simply a dress, but one that made an impression enough on its own.

Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Gregory Arlt – Makeup Artist
The look that I went for was "showgirl chic"! I mixed an aluminizing shimmer lotion into her foundation to give the skin an ethereal glow. For her eyes I used a combination of pink and gold shimmer with a hit of violet glitter over it. I then did a "kitten eye"; a black line that was thicker on the outer corners but not extended. I finished it off with a pink glow on her cheeks and light pink gloss on her lips.

Instagram: @gregoryarlt

Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist
Tonight we needed a look that would be perfect for her performance and red chair look. We choose loose touchable set curls brushed into an Angelique statuesque glamour style. The perfect combination of allure and femininity.  

Instagram: @poseidianne




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