Get Gwen's Look: Voice Results SHOW


Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylist
Tonight's look was a mix of elegance and futuristic chic. Gwen wore a gown that we shortened into a dress, accompanied with thigh-high black boots. We loved how the cutouts and neckline gave a bit of a 90’s supermodel vibe to an otherwise modern, sophisticated silhouette and how the black and white colorblock created an abstract shape, making Gwen look like a piece of walking artwork.

Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Gregory Arlt – Makeup Artist
Femme-bot meets Star Trek chic! I paired luminous skin with a shimmery blush and lots of highlights on the cheeks. For the eyes, I swept a gold, glittery shadow across the lids with a very straight, graphic eyeliner on the top and a blackened plum shadow on the bottom. Finally, I used a pale lilac gloss on her lips.

Instagram: @gregoryarlt

Danilo Dixon – HairstylistFor tonight’s hair we went sleek, long and smooth. To perfectly accentuate Gwen’s gorgeous makeup and wardrobe I tied her blonde tresses up in an elegant ponytail, finished with a black silk voile. 

Instagram: @poseidianne



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