Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylist
The look was inspired by another nod to Gwen’s favorite decades! Somewhere between the 50’s and 60’s meets Barbie! While the dress was a bold statement of sequins and stripes we wanted to make sure there was a balance with the hair and make up which is why the team decided to do a strong eye and soft hair with volume to balance out the silhouette of the dress. The red velvet shoes were the perfect touch of elegance.

Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Gregory Arlt – Makeup Artist
My makeup inspiration was a very expensive 1960’s doll. I created custom lashes on the top using two sets, and another set on the lower lash line and loads of mascara. Neutral shadows were used with a very defined deep line in the crease of her eyes and a strong brow. Blush was a soft pink, and I mixed three glosses to create the perfect light, creamy pink on her lips. 

Instagram: @gregoryarlt

Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist
Gwen’s crowning mane was achieved by using a leave in conditioner for volume. I blow dried her and brushed it out with styling crème and shine spray. I brush through the top for fullness, then arranged and pinned. I secured the looking with a finishing touche of aerosol fixing spray.

Instagram: @poseidianne



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