Get Gwen's Look: Voice Finale Results

Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylist


Floral Black and Red
You don't often see Gwen in florals, but when she wears them, she does it 100% in her own Gwen way, usually with a very modern twist. In this case, we did it by mixing prints! The sheer pussybow top with bold rose print paired perfectly with silk red and white abstract rose brushstroke skirt. We finished off the look with fishnet tights and black rhine.

Gold dress with stones
This gold brocade dress was another nod to the 60’s, with plenty of romance and a good dose of opulence with its gold threading. The simplicity of the dress' leggy silhouette was balanced well with the ornate embellished collar and baroque inspired texture. It was definitely a sweeter moment in this season's lineup of looks, with a nod to the holidays.

This number gave new meaning to the term LBD! The A-line skirt shape with the plunging neckline felt timeless and sophisticated, something a modern day Grace Kelly would wear, while its embroidery and stunning detail felt like something straight out of Black Swan. Ballerina chic!

This was the grand finale to the finale! A dramatic sheer crimson gown, with sequined detail, worn over a bustier and highwaisted bottoms. This was a page straight out of the Veronica Lake playbook: we were heavily inspired by 1940’s lingerie and classic femme fatales like Gilda and Ilsa. Gwen is such a timeless beauty - when you put her in a timeless, statement outfit, magic happens.

Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Gregory Arlt – Makeup Artist
What to do when there are four outfit changes in one show? Go out with a Pricilla Presley-era 1960’s bang! I went with a luminous, porcelain skin bringing her features forward with a pearl highlighting cream. Her eyes were architecture, using confident lines on her upper lids with a black cream liner, and an eggplant colored shadow on her lower lash line and crease of the eye. I then mixed a gold and peach frost shadow for her lids and finished them off with a mix of gold and violet loose glitter. I custom made her lashes by using a whole strip, then piecing several chunks of wispy lashes intermittently down the length of the strip and adhering them to her natural lashes which I’d put three coats of mascara onto (waterproof of course for finale tears!). A shimmery warm blush was used with an iridescent pink shadow over it for a dimensional glow. To really get a 60’s lip but with a dazzling shine I canceled out her natural lip color with foundation and applied a nude lip pencil around her lips and a very pale, creamy, frosted lip gloss to finish it off.

Instagram: @gregoryarlt

Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist
Gwinning season finale! Gwen wears the classic bombshell. My wish is your command.  

Instagram: @poseidianne




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