Get Gwen's Look: Ready, Set, Glow

Gwen shined in last night's season finale of The Voice. Learn how to get her glowing look below.

Stylist Petra Flannery:

Eastern and Western influences were mixed in Gwen's finale look, which was both feminine and modern. The soft, blush pink hues of her dress and pants were accentuated by reflective accents and bold accessories. Sparkling cuffs on her wrists and jeweled hair clips added even more sparkle - making Gwen's outfit last night literally glow.

Makeup Artist Gregory Arlt:

The beauty last night was pure Holywood glamour at its dazzling best! Inspired by George Hurrell photographs, we played up Gwen's glowing skin to be hydro-luminous using gold and pink highlights on her cheeks. I swept a generous amount of gold shadow on her lids for a liberal sprinkle of golden glitter and added electirc neon gold highlights on her browbones. A stack of not one but two pairs of lashes on the eyes and a matte, velvety bright, cherry red lip finished off the look.

Hairstylist Danilo:

Gwen's finale hair inspiration was the femme fatales of classic Hollywood -- think Veronica, think Rita! We brushed out glamorous curls to reveal gilded waves that were finished with shime spray for extra lustre. That's all Gwen needed to be ready, set and glow for The Voice finale!

That's a wrap of this season of The Voice! What was your favorite look on Gwen Stefani? Share in the comments below.



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Courtney_Gogarty's picture

All I know is I have been a fan of No Doubt and Gwen Stefani since 1989 when I graduated high school, and I still love listening to her music. She is awesome and if I had to pick a favorite album it would be Sweet Escape.  Especially the song It's a Wonderful Life. And I like the new album too.  So happy she is still writing songs and making great albums! Not to mention being a role model for the younger generation.  And  now my 10 year old son is dancing to her music with me! Thanks for all the good times and memories I have had because of Gwen and No Doubt!!!