Get Gwen's Look: "Modern Classic"

Gwen mixed classic 40s glamour with her signature modern edge in The Voice judge's chair last night. Discover how to get her look below!

Stylist Petra Flannery:

Gwen's look last night was a fresh take on 40's inspired style. the bold silhouette of her jacket mixed with the drop waist pant gave a unique and modern twist to the strong, feminine suit styles of the silver screen. Metallic pointed-toe pumps polished off the look, adding Gwen's signature edge to her stylish nod to Old Hollywood glamour. 

Makeup Artist Gregory Arlt:

This colorful spin on a classic beauty look was both very Gwen and very "now." I kept her skin pin-up matte with a warm, glowing blush. A deep grey pencil lined her eyes, and was layered with an electric navy shadow pulled straight across her lids for a pop of color. A sweep of golden shimmer across her lids, and wispy, feathery lashes completed her eye makeup, and a bright, fire-engine red matte lipstick completed the showstopping look.

Hairstylist Danilo Dixon:

The inspiration for Gwen's hair last night was all about windswept glamour! We set her hair in retro tight curls, which I then brushed out, tousled and pinned back to create a fresh length illusion. The result was perfectly imperfect, unconstructed chic.

What's your take on Gwen's updated Old Hollywood glam? Share in the comments below.



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dcavallo49's picture

I love her style.  She is glamour all the way!  And she is so sweet & her heart is just so beautiful.  I really never followed her much but fell in love with her on The Voice and really love her music and the woman she has become.  She is a mom and a super-star ......that is pretty cool I think.