Get Gwen's Look: "Hitchcock Heroine"

Gwen added her signature edge to a look inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Hollywood screen sirens. Get the details, and learn how to make the look your own, below.

Stylist Petra Flannery:

A fresh take on Hitchcock was our inspiration for Gwen's look on last night's episode. The oversize black and red checks were a totally modern, yet completely Gwen take on a 50s throwback. The fabric of the dress was a liquid weave, that combined with its peek-a-boo knee length hem made the look cool and contemporary.

Makeup Artist Gregory Arlt:

Last night's look was simplicity at it's most chic. We looked to iconic leading ladies Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood for inspiration and modernized their trademark ladylike beauty by pairing bold brows with luminous skin. I created a well defined, thicker brow using pencil and shadow that elongated Gwen's eyes, highlighting with a matte peach shadow and a lightly diffused gray liner under feathery lashes. A bit of nude beige gloss with a gold shimmer mixed in finished up her clean, simple makeup.

Hairstylist Danilo:

Simply said, we brought on the beauty last night! Gwen's classic look was understated and chic with a simple sweep of hair, healthy luster, and a subdued updo. Her cinematic Hitchcockain coiff let her outfit shine.

What did you love most about Gwen's "Hitchcock Heroine" look? Share your favorites in the comments below.



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