Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Duet on The Voice

Watch the touching duet between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani as they perform “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” on NBC’s The Voice (aired May 9, 2016)


Gwen Stefani's This Is What the Truth Feels Like out now.

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I have "grown up" alongside Gwen's music via ND and the wonderful solo career built for herself. She's the kind of person I always wanted to have as a sister, good friend, or confidante. I think all of her music is fabulously honest. She is like another personal favorite artist of mine, Joan Jett, both equally private but totally open via the music. Joan is repeatedly asked in interviews what or who she is; stock answer is always to read and think about what the lyrics say, views are there, no decodes needed. Both ladies are who they are without mystery. But, I think to date Gwen has become freer and shows the world-especially the girls-she's just like we are. She may have money, but she is still "just a girl" and is easily blindsided as we all are. Artistically I do not feel there isn't a genre she could not take on. And, never thought of her doing duet with Blake or even the genre. Gwen snuck one in, the little devil! Love the duet, love the song, hoping the relationship is THE ONE forever for both Blake and Gwen. I see this video and I think back to their infamous lip sync duet Lionel Richie/Dianna Ross theme song, Endless Love! She lip synched Richie/he covered Ross...EPIC! I remember thinking how cute they were together and natural. Here they are really performing their song. I am really loving this because I am a sap for romance and happiness from sad. That spark is there still and they both attest how "everyday" people they are. I hope more music collaboration happens with them. Thanks Gwen, Blake for being real. I relate.

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I'll never get tired of listening to Gwen and Blake's "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" duet  and Gwen's This is How the Truth feels Like" album --A well-written love story, actually...

Calling the attention of all movie producers: you have a good material here for a blockbuster-romantic movie( scripts could be based on lyrics of songs in Gwen's new album)--all you have to do is ask the main stars--Gwen and Blake--of course to star in it!!!!:-)

How about it?!!! A blockbuster-romantic-comedy movie, please??!  That will be the greatest gift you could give us, their fans--we number in millions you know!!  :-)